Slovakia’s new government

Slovak voters upset the predictions of pundits and the calculations of pollsters when they turned in droves to an anti-establishment party called Ordinary People & Independent Personalties (Olano).  The Financial Times ran a first draft of history as the results came in from the provincial headquarters of Olano’s millionaire leader Igor Matovič, the country’s new prime minister, here.

“Together against the mafia,” was one of the slogans deployed by Olano during its election campaign.  The New York Times reports on the winning campaign antics and stunts of Mr Matovič.

The new prime minister put together a four-party coalition with smaller liberal, centre-right and conservative parties.  Inexperienced but bouyed by optimism, the new government’s immediate task was to confront the corona virus crisis.  Balkan Insight took a closer look.

Photo:  President Zuzana Čaputová (centre) and the new Slovak government outside the presidential palace in Bratislava.  EPA-EFE.