Michał Iwanowski walked 1,200 miles from Wales to Poland


Artist Michał Iwanowski was struck by the graffiti Go home, Polish daubed on a Cardiff wall, writes The Guardian.

“In 2016, with the Brexit referendum breaking Britain in half, and the rising wave of nationalism sweeping across Europe, the slogan took on an even darker tone, and I felt compelled to respond to it. Literally.

“In April 2018, I set off on an 1,900km journey, on foot, between my two homes – Wales and Poland – with a British passport in one hand, and a Polish one in the other. I drew a straight line on the map, got a pair of good hiking shoes, and walked out of my Cardiff flat, facing east: Wales. England. France. Belgium. Holland. Germany. Czech Republic. Poland. My goal was to ask people about home, in a journey that would take 105 days to complete.”

Go Home, Polish runs until November at Galeri, Caernarfon, and at Fort, Warsaw.