freebike - london guildhall

freebike in the Square Mile

Technology, environmental awareness and health and fitness are all coming together as transport and mobility undergo an inevitable transformation.  While electric buses and cars are gradually introduced, electric bikes – or e-bikes – are fast becoming ubiquitous.  “E-bikes are reshaping urban landscapes,”  writes the Financial Times.

And freebike, the world’s most technologically advanced electric bike sharing system that was designed and developed in the Czech Republic, is playing its part.  In April it launched in Prague with a fleet of 500 e-bikes to become Central Europe’s largest electric bike sharing scheme.  Czech Radio reports.

Since then freebike has launched in the Finnish towns of Kuopio and Hameenlinna, and expanded its fleet in the Slovak town of Trnava.  This month it launched in the City of London, the financial district of Britain’s capital that is also known as the Square Mile, and the north London borough of Islington.  And the London borough of Richmond-upon-Thames has selected freebike as its preferred operator of e-bikes.

Photo: freebike