Gazette is our monthly newsletter. Each issue will bookmark news and articles from Central and Eastern Europe

that caught our eye, carry occasional news about our clients and keep you up-to-date with Cook Communications.


Mind the gap

"From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, a health divide has fallen across Europe."  Thus The Economist, paraphrasing Sir Winston Churchill's famous Iron Curtain speech, on why folk in Central and Eastern Europe tend to shuffle off this mortal...

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Look north

"Domestic innovation capacity in Central Europe remains weak compared with the EU average. These domestic systems will not be able to drive growth without being entirely reformed. However, Central European policymakers do not need to look far for inspiration and best practice when identifying...

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Poles apart

Last month Poland held municipal and regional elections.  The turnout was the highest for a local vote since 1989.  The results revealed a divided country.  The New York Times had it covered, fair and square....

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Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk, the founder and first president of  Czechoslovakia, understood the news cycle and the value of Public Relations.  Or so at least did Edward Barnays, a Viennese-born American who was an early pioneer of PR and who appears to have been an informal...

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Central European cinema

Measured by the Foreign Language Film category of the annual Academy Awards, Hungarian and Polish film makers are the most prolific and successful in Central Europe.  Hungarian films have been submitted 54 times, received 10 nominations, been shortlisted once and won two...

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Central European economies

Central Europe is enjoying a boom. But long-term success requires more skilled workers and more innovative companies, says The Economist "The European Commission tracks the progress of five EU members immediately east of Germany and Austria (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia and...

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František Kupka

Kupka's 1937 painting The Circular and Rectilinear (detail above) served as a reference when we were designing our logo back in 2003.An extensive retrospective of the great Czech pioneer of abstract painting is now showing at the National Gallery Prague, until January 2019....

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